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^If that law-abiding, tax-paying citizen bit gets old, move to Greece! Welcome to the club Dino. I fear there are more like 'us' hiding in the shadows, just a tad timid of being exposing themselves.

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Benny Hill and 'Are You Being Served?'... er, more a Python man myself, but, yes, a fair few comedy greats have originated from these shores, absolutely... Re Greece/UK, I always thought there was indeed a certain affinity (certainly more recently) born of historical events and what have you. There has also always been a large Greek community in England... BTW, Palin certainly used to live about 15 minutes from where I am in N. London. Not sure anymore but he definitely was something of a local community-minded individual a few years back.
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Haha, love this mad s***! Don't get me started now or this thread will descend into a plethora of lumberack sketches, dead parrot vids, and "Always Look on The Bright Side of Life" renditions etc!

Please tell me you've seen 'Withnail and I'?
Not familiar with 'Withnail and I', but from what I've seen on YouTube this morning, I am truly missing out on some grade A British comedy.

Yes, agreed, England and Greece have always shared a historical, political and sometimes cultural convergence. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born and baptized Greek Orthodox on my home island of Corfu, which also has deep relations to Great Britain and presently has a large population of ex-pats. Among Greece's ex-royalty, I believe all were wed with either British or Dutch royalty.

Now if Greece could only adopt Britain's sense of morality and civic duty, it would be 'heaven on earth', as Cyprus has. I remember a few years back, a member of British parliament was given the 'boot' for allegedly writing off 50 quid worth of laundry bills?! There are Greek parliament members who have stolen millions, if not billions of publicly financed money and are still yet to be reprimanded or detained. This attitude towards law and punishment, taxes and a general disbelief in government and order, has seeped into every aspect of society.

Anyhoot...... Believe Palin is still alive?, is he not? Wouldn't be surprised if he was still somewhere in N.London. I, myself don't care much for London, great city with plenty to do but the mere fact that my command of the English language is somewhat of a useless skill there, deters me from truly enjoying this great city.

I spent a lot of time in Weymouth, with my good friend Raymond, or Captain Ray, at the yacht club down there. Sailing the channel and the occasional skip over to Amsterdam, to... uh... practice my Russian?! If I ever inherit any sizable sum of money, Weymouth (and in general Dorset, southern coast of England) is where I'm headed. Fell in love with sailing and the country during my time there.
I lika to do da cha-cha

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