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Default May I ask for a round of applause for Murray...?

- for showing genuine gentleman-like sportsmanship?

During the final at the AO, 2nd set TB, he kept his trap shut and *played on*, despite there being something bothering him. It was not until that set had ended (and which he lost, btw), that he called for the trainer and had a MTO.
That huge blister on his foot looked really nasty indeed, and I'd say it was genuinely bothering him. But unlike so many other players nowadays, Murray waited for the set/TB to be finished before calling the trainer. Like it should be.

Kudos to Murray for his gentleman-like behaviour.

Kudos to Djokovic as well btw - I have heavily critized his "shirt-ripping"-gesture after his victory against Wawrinka, but fortunately he left it back in the locker room this time. His reaction after that final was indeed classy.

A refreshing sight, I believe. May others follow their examples in big tournaments to come.
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