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Originally Posted by Overdrive View Post
For those that you don't know what Priority One is, it is a company that strings racquets for players ranging from recreational players to professionals in WTA/ATP.

This is a quote from a link on one their website:
It stated that:
"Priority One has 14 "gold service" clients, including Mr. Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Robin Soderling. For $40,000 a year, the company cares for its clients' rackets at the four Grand Slam and eight other mandatory tournaments. (Additional tournaments cost extra.)" This article is from 2011 so the number of clients has increased to players including Li Na, Azarenka, Wawrinka, etc.

I know I'm not on tour, but are the prices for the "bronze" and "silver" services near hundreds to thousands of dollars? This seems to target consumers who have a huge wallet. There's people on here that can string their own racquets for free... Also, there isn't any priority one shops anywhere here.. I guess you have to ship them or something..

One can assume that P1 customers either: don't have a stringing machine, too busy to string their own racquets, too lazy to string their racquets, or have money to spend.
They don't just string racquets.
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