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Originally Posted by couch View Post
Yeah, I hear you. We need to find a good, cheaper, alternative to 4G. The BC 15L broke on me tonight after about 2 hours of hitting. There needs to be a 15/15L poly that is durable out there that would be a nice cheaper alternative.

I wonder if string companies will start coming out with thicker polys for sticks like this. Sounds like Prince is coming out with a similar racquet and I bet others will follow. These racquets will not be successful if you can't find a string cheap enough or durable enough to make it worth your time and money.
I've got two ordered and a 5.0 friend of mine has some. I just ordered all 3 gauges of 4G to try. I agree, if this takes off, you're going to see thicker, softer polys to go in this.

Originally Posted by couch View Post
It's so funny that people who use a dense string pattern say this racquet hits horribly. I have typically used a 16x18 pattern and that's what my game has been grooved on. For me the Steam 99S is an easy and natural fit. My business partner hits a blade and he simply said he was leaving balls short in the court because it doesn't suit his style of play. That doesn't mean it's a horrible racquet. Different strokes for different folks.

This racquet, in the right player's hands, can be a real weapon. It hits an extremely heavy ball and explodes off the court. This racquet will play well for a 3.0-5.0 if you ask me, but for different reasons.

A 3.0 - 4.0 will generate more spin, have nice power, more control and less UE if used correctly. A 5.0 who is used to a Pure Drive type racquet can make this racquet do whatever they want but with more spin and action on the ball.

That's my take on this racquet.
And a great one it is. I much prefer open patterns. I think this frame will be good with any string, poly, hybrid, or synthetic for the kind of player you and I are. And, the 99S plays a lot softer than a Pure Drive IMO.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
it is NO good. spin is not noticeable to already nadal like player like me. and swingweight is too high. It only helps intermediate players that struggle making topspin.
No, this is patently untrue. I'm a 4.5 and saw lots more spin, different trajectories, and "bending" balls. The racquet serves like a demon and when set up to my likes, should be a ton of fun to play with.

Originally Posted by Nostradamus View Post
Can Wilson make a lighter version of 99S called 99S Lite ?
But if it's "NO good" why would you want a lighter one?
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