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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
He does not have a compact swing with sudden acceleration as claimed by many. On both his forehand and backhand, he has long smooth swings. On the backhand, he has a simple linear take-back like the WTA. On the forehand, his loop is simpler than many others.

His occasional blocking shots with a short fast swing have misled people.

His money strokes are hit with long smooth swings.
Djokovic's forehand swing path is probably the lengthiest in the top four. He actually had troubles in his earlier days. His strokes were not as imposing as they currently are and his court coverage was much less extensive... any deep ball affected deeply his game play, which allowed Federer and the likes to pile up victories against him.

With a fitter body condition and a better court coverage, he is in better position to neutralize the efforts of his opponents, which gives him the time to wind up. But if you hit too flat and deep, his big swing will start to play against him just like it used to.
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