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And Federer proceeded to practically own Djokovic at the US Open making him look like a total clown until Djokovic stepped his game up and Federer's game dropped abit. Either way, there's no doubt you could not favor Djokovic against Federer on a HC with both at their best; at best you could make the argument it is an even match-up.
Not all HCs are the same. Overall on hard courts Federer is better of course since he is way better on faster hard courts, and they are still close (although IMO Djokovic better) on slower hard courts. There is a World of difference for outstanding defensive players who are also offensively capable facing Federer on a slower hard court vs a faster one though. Just look at Nadals record vs Federer on slow hard courts (he is up something like 4-1) vs faster ones (something like 1-5), and Nadal is nowhere near as good a hard courter on any speed as Novak.
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