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Default Tried Natural gut at 42 lbs Mains

Originally Posted by neverstopplaying View Post
Since hitting with my Blade 98 18x20, I'm not getting the comfort from gut/poly that I had with my previous frames. I've gone done from 59/55 to 50/45. Now I'm thinking of trying 46/42 (VS-Beast or 4G). I was looking to see if anyone (ANYONE) plays with gut under 50.

So far best performance is coming from full poly on this stick and I have several sets of VS lying around (and no, you can't have it).
Because of my chronic TE/GE, I tried natural gut at 42 lbs mains. Multi crosses are 4 lbs lower.

I am now at 52 lbs NG mains with multi crosses 4 lbs lower.

My racket is wilson kfive and wilson khamsin 5 (both 108 sqi headsize).

I am 3.5 level and playability is Ok.

I also tried NG Mains/poly crosses (50/40).
Playability is very good, but
my elbow complains so I cut the poly out and replaced with multis.

If I try poly again as a cross I will string it at 35 lbs instead of 40lbs.

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