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Originally Posted by NamRanger View Post
What kind of joke is this? Federer played completely awful and Murray still couldn't put Federer away cleanly. Federer dragged it out and forced a fifth set despite playing very subpar tennis. If Federer had played at a pretty good level, I'm not sure if Murray could really win that match.

Either way, Murray still cannot consistently play offensive tennis when push comes to shove, and that's why he needs Djokovic, Nadal, or Federer to play subpar tennis to beat them in a big slam match.
Lol... here we go again. Murray can only win when his opponent is sick, tired or depressed. He's beaten Federer ELEVEN times, Djokovic SEVEN times and Nadal FIVE times and that includes ATP finals and Slams. So on every one of those occasions, Fed, Djoker and Rafa were all too tired, too ill or too depressed to play their best tennis. Is that what you're trying to convince us?

Federer really must get out of the habit of playing subpar tennis when he plays Murray. I wonder. Is Murray ever going to be allowed the excuse that HE played a bit subpar now and again whenever he loses to these guys?

Nope, thought not!

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