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Originally Posted by BHud View Post
You do understand that Switzerland and Spain are generally considered western countries as well? Fail...
I am talking about the English speaking western media and I already mentioned that in this thread. The Americans and those tacky Brits want Murray to be included but he doesn't deserve to be his accomplishments so far prove otherwise.

Murray is a defensive player and his results against the top 3 prove he's not on their level. He doesn't have the mental toughness or the offensive game as Roger and Novak and Rafael.

Of course, the USA media like EPSN and that loser Patrick McEnroe are going to hype Murray. American men's tennis is in the toilet but the USA media need to hype up an English language speaking player like Andy Murray because their players suck.

The real top 3 are Roger, Novak, and Rafael, Murray is excluded until he reverses his horrible record in slam finals 1-5 is terrible.
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