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Players who've won three slams or more in one season during the Open Era:
  • Laver (all 4 in 1969)
  • Connors (3 in 1974)
  • Wilander (3 in 1988)
  • Federer (3 in 2004, 2006, 2007)
  • Nadal (3 in 2010)
  • Djokovic (3 in 2011)

A list of greats, to be sure. And there's many more ~ Agassi, Sampras, Lendl, Borg ~ who are absent, having never achieved that particular success. But the important thing to note is that Federer is the only one to have managed the feat more than once. There's too many people on this board who think that the last ten years is the be-all and end-all of tennis. It's not. Federer is, statistically, a tennis anomaly, hence how he has so many more major titles to his name than any of his rivals. Djokovic himself fulfilled a pattern I highlighted at the end of 2011: that players who win three slams in a year tend to win no more than one the following year.

There are things in Djokovic's favour compared to his predecessors: 32 seeds in a draw intead of 16, more homogenized surfaces, etc etc. But people talking about "if he wins all four this year..." or "if he wins three per year for the next five years..." are getting a wee bit carried away based on the flimsiest of evidence.

He's already 25, he's only [sic] got six slams to his name so far, and he has a very physical, strenuous style of play. And for all the hyperbole, can I point out that apart from his glory year in 2011 ~ which as I've pointed out he's statistically unlikely to repeat ~ he's never won a single slam anywhere outside Melbourne. So I think the Nole-haters should relax a little bit. He's getting nowhere near Roger's tally. Matching Nadal's going to be a push even if the Spaniard doesn't add to his slam count this year.


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