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Originally Posted by kanamit View Post
The major hole in your argument is that Murray in 2011 is NOT the Murray of 2013. Just as the Federer and Nadal of 2007 and 2008 are not the Federer and Nadal of 2013. Right now the top 3 are so evenly matched that factors like road to the final end up making a huge difference in terms of outcome. I suppose you can contest this by saying that Murray used to own Djokovic in junior tennis or something, but I doubt anybody is going to take your argument seriously. Nor should they.

Djoko is not the same either. He's had the entire 2011 feat behind him now and is #1 and is much more confident and his serve has improved immensely (it wasn't great in AO 2011). So they both improved, so what? Djoko still has the edge in their matchup. Djoko is still the better of the 2.
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