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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Djoko is not the same either. He's had the entire 2011 feat behind him now and is #1 and is much more confident and his serve has improved immensely (it wasn't great in AO 2011). So they both improved, so what? Djoko still has the edge in their matchup. Djoko is still the better of the 2.
So now you're arguing that Djokovic of today is better than the Djokovic that went on a tear, not losing a match for half a season in 2011. It's just one breathtakingly bad argument after another. Of course Djokovic isn't the same player he was two years ago. He's not as consistent at reaching and maintaining his highest level. Again, at this moment, the top 3 are pretty evenly matched. Making references to 2 or 20 years ago is pointless.
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