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Default Calling all runners! Running shoes similar to Babolat Propulse 2

I'm starting to get into running, only logging about 9-10 miles a week. Would like to up it to 15-20. My current running shoes are not good for my feet, it causes the inside of my feet to cramp up like crazy to the point where it feels better to just run barefoot. Current shoes are Reebok Fuel Motion.

I have pretty flat feet. Would say Low-Medium to flat arches. I've found that the Propulse 2 doesn't cause my feet to cramp, and I run pretty well in them. The only problem is they are pretty heavy, and my calves get semi sore. Anyone can suggest me a running specific shoe that is similar fit to the Propulse 2? I've been looking into some minimalist shoes too. Any suggestions?

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