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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Yes he is better, Certainly he is. At AO 2011, he had never been #1 yet and it was just the beginnning of his great stretch. He's played better this AO. Absolutely. (+ if you can't see he's serving better, then you're blind, no offense. Djoko would not have had a shot in hell at winning WTF in 2010. Why? His serve was still shaky among other things).
By your criterion of improvement, Nadal is better now than he has ever been because he has had more weeks at #1. The reason Djokovic reached #1 in the summer of 2011 is that from midway through the AO onward, he played some of the most consistently high-level tennis in history. He is not at that level now. Mechanically he might have improved some aspects of his game, but he is not able to put it all together at a high level for as long of stretches as he was in that special 6-month period he had. Beginning with the AO, where he was clearly playing better than he was this year. I don't see how any honest person can try to argue that Djokovic was producing better tennis, or as good of tennis, at this year's AO as he was at the AO two years ago.

And your mentioning that Djokovic almost lost to Murray in the semi in 2011 is wrong. He straight-setted Federer in the semi, then straight-setted Murray in the final. This year, Djokovic almost lost to Wawrinka in the early rounds, though admittedly Wawrinka was playing good aggressive tennis.
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