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Lol... here we go again. Murray can only win when his opponent is sick, tired or depressed. He's beaten Federer ELEVEN times, Djokovic SEVEN times and Nadal FIVE times and that includes ATP finals and Slams. So on every one of those occasions, Fed, Djoker and Rafa were all too tired, too ill or too depressed to play their best tennis. Is that what you're trying to convince us?

Federer really must get out of the habit of playing subpar tennis when he plays Murray. I wonder. Is Murray ever going to be allowed the excuse that HE played a bit subpar now and again whenever he loses to these guys?

Nope, thought not!

In the slams Murray needs those three to play subpar tennis to win. This is pretty evident; when those three (particularly Federer and Djokovic) play even pretty average tennis by their standards, they put Murray into the ground quite easily. Even with subpar tennis, Murray struggled to put away both Djokovic at the USO and Federer at the AO (and mind you Murray is hitting his stride while Federer is going towards the tail end of his career).

Push comes to shove that's what it is, because Murray isn't in the same tier as these guys. Beating them at smaller tournaments and Masters is completely different from beating them at slams. Thus far, the only top 3 guy Murray has shown that he can beat when playing good tennis is Nadal, and he is by far the most vulnerable of the top 3 due to the way he plays.

Keep thinking that Murray has the goods to just simply outplay someone like Federer or Djokovic in a slam without them just playing bad tennis. Federer did EVERYTHING he could to allow Murray to win in straights, and Murray blew every chance he had to take the match early. Murray's problem again has always been his inability to front run properly and suppress and demoralize the opponent. Federer is best at this, Djokovic is pretty good at this, and Nadal is probably the weakest at this (him and Murray both let opponents hang around too much sometimes). This whole tournament is a good example of why Murray will likely never win a slam if he has to face two elite level opponents in a row like Federer and Djokovic, because he gets gassed trying to just beat one. By the time he reaches the second one, he runs out of gas. He needs to change the way he plays, become more aggressive and be more willing to get into the net to end points faster (it's not like he's awful up there or anything).

Last year at the USO, if Djokovic didn't start out playing such garbage tennis he probably would have beaten Murray. Murray nearly blew a two set lead, and was pretty lucky that Djokovic simply gassed in the end because all momentum was on his end. This final showed that if Djokovic doesn't give up a two set lead, he can beat Murray playing quite subpar tennis.
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