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I don't know if Murray would have beaten Djokovic if his draw had been different. Your missing my point entirely, though, if you think my argument is that he would have. I am saying that the top 3 are pretty evenly matched, and for the outcome to be as one-sided as the AO final was this year is likely due to the way the draw panned out. Otherwise, the contest would have been much closer, and either play might have won in a contest that would surely have gone 5 sets.

I'm not a Murray fan at all. I'm just stating the obvious. The long 5-setter with Federer clearly affected Murray's performance in the final. And not for the better, either.
Fine, since you put it that way you might have a point. I guess we will get a better guage as the year goes on how often the winner comes out of the Ferrer half (as I dont expect Nadal back until clay court season begins atleast, maybe not even then). In the event the Miami and Indian Wells winners both come out of the Ferrer half, on the heels of Shanghai, WTF, and here, you could well have a point, as it would be 5 events in a row then. U.S Open didnt see Federer reach the semis so it was moot, although technically that was the loser coming out of the Ferrer half, and Paris was not about the big 3 or 4.

It is funny that some were crowing about Ferrer finally after 6 whole months of inactivity going past Nadal in the rankings, and many are now lamenting Nadal is out since Ferrer is so much less of a factor in draws and at the top. Sometimes it is best to be careful what you wish for. Even Nadal haters now must admit that the top echelon of the game is better off for his presence, and loses something significant without him.

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