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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Yes, I edited my post because I realized I was talking about 2012. It changes absolutely nothing in the dynamic between Djoko and Murray. Djoko has been the better player of the 2 for the last 3 years and he still is. The draw makes 0 difference (as WTF showed well enough). Actually, the only time the draw made a difference is USO 2012 because Djoko had to play 3 days in a row, a tall order for a slam.
The two are very evenly matched. Murray won the last slam final in 5 sets, and in Shanghai (I think it was) Djokovic won a match that was 3 close sets. Your argument about Djokovic's ranking is silly and misses the reality that official rankings lag behind results. Federer was still #1 for weeks after losing to Nadal at Wimbledon in 2008, but it was obvious to everybody that he was not the best player in the world. Djokovic was not #1 in the 2011 AO, but he was playing tennis that far surpassed what any other player had to offer. The later rise in the rankings reflected that.
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