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Originally Posted by kanamit View Post
I don't know if Murray would have beaten Djokovic if his draw had been different. .

Of course you have a right to delude yourself. Given that Murray has never beaten Djoko at AO, you do not have a point to convince anyone else though, sorry. Murray had a cakewalk draw until Fed and even Fed didn't play that well. Murray had a day off between each match. He had incredibly weak opposition, didn't even have to play Delpo in the quarters. If Murray cannot handle a draw like the one he had then it's really bad news for him, because he's most likely to never get much better. If you want to play that game, I'd go so far as to claim that if Murray had had Djoko's draw instead, he wouldn't even have made the final because he would have lost to Wawrinka playing the match of his life (exactly like it happened at USO before). Djoko is better than Murray, especially at AO. No excuse needed.

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