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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
Holy mackerel!!

Not for me to say the Chinese billionaire, or you, is stupid.
A friend of mine is a lot crazier - they would spend almost everything after basic family needs on their daughter and son's tennis training. Both kids were attending a full-time tennis academy. The daughter is playing for a Big 10 power house. The son is a blue chip. For many Chinese families, children are the main focus of their daily life!

We could have spent the same amount for our son to attend a good private school. About 30% of children in Delaware attend private schools. Would you say that these families are stupid and waste their money? Would the children attending private school have a better life than those attending public schools? But I am sure that these parents just want their children to have the best education possible. For us, tennis would allow my son to have a lot better chance of getting into an Ivy. Tennis has made my son happier and healthier, given him confidence, allowed him to meet so many good friends... It's really worthy every penny!
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