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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
2011, no way. Djokovic was way too good at that event, and spanked Federer in the semis. The result wouldnt have been different on any slower hard court, in fact had it been a very fast hard court that day Djokovic likely would have even won given the form of both players.

2009 is doubtful at best as well. Federer hasnt beaten Nadal in a best of 5 match since 2007 now, and even that one (on grass) he won barely.
Djokovic didn't spank Federer at the AO in 11 any worse than Federer spanked Djokovic at the US open in 07. Both were tightly contested straight set matches for the most part. Let's leave the hyperbole out.

A 6-2 final set isn't barely winning, Federer beat Nadal in a tough fought match but the end wasn't really close. Federer lost the mental battle with Nadal at the AO 09 but for the most part Federer played very well off the ground versus Nadal there. Perhaps if the conditions were a bit faster the match may not have gone to five and Federer wouldn't have collapsed.

That being said I don't think Federer would have won 3 straight titles on rebound ace from 09 to 2011. I feel 09 he might have got it but 11 it was Djokovic's time probably would have been a 5 setter IMO though.
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