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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
That's too bad.

Haydn is vastly under-rated. I'll take Haydn over Mozart in almost any genre.

Haydn is earthier and wittier, and rhythmically more interesting. Mozart is too elegant, too Rococo, too suave, too superficial, too saccharine. (Torture--thy name is Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.) Try Haydn's Symphony No. 92 or No. 88 or No. 45. Try Adam Fischer's performances. Try Haydn's Piano Sonata No. 32 or 42 or 59, or the Piano Trio No. 38. Wonderful stuff!

It's a very good thing that Haydn was Beethoven's teacher and not Mozart.
Some good observations, although Mozart himself learned a lot from Haydn and this was a positive influence, put some more muscle into Mozart (like the Prague and Jupiter symphonies).
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