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Originally Posted by Amir View Post
I was planing on taking 2 months off then doing a level 4. Now I think I should just do level 5s for a while just to build up match experience and stuff.
SWEETWATER FROSTBITE JR SATELLITE, a L5, had only 4 kids signed up for B16. Everybody got to play 3 matches. You will get more out of this type of tournament than L4 that you would be out after one loss.

You may also want to take private lessons from a coach at the Lifetime who would be tough on you, singing less praise and yelling at you more, and making you work really really hard on every aspect of the game. You may also want to ask your coach to watch you play or have your dad or mom tape one of your matches so that your coach can see what you need to work on.

BTW, cross country will help your tennis game for sure!
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