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Originally Posted by BobbyOne View Post

Haydn ahead of Mozart? I mean to dream a nightmare. ALL composers after them claimed that Mozart was greater. Beethoven admired only Mozart, not Haydn.

Haydn does not have any feelings in his music. He lacks any increasing of emotions and highlights. In fact he does not have any emotions apart from wit.

Eine kleine Nachtmusik is a great work but not one of Mozart's best. Did you ever hear the Requiem or the 40th symphony or the Piano concertos 466 and 491?. They have all what great music needs.
If you do not believe that Haydn has any emotions or feeling in his music, then you are not listening deeply.

Requiem or the 40th symphony or the Piano concertos 466 and 491--I have multiple recordings of all of these by Bohm, von Karajan, Geza Anda, Colin Davis, Marriner, etcetera. (I choose not to listen to them, unless I want to go into diabetic shock.)

The best recordings of Mozart's symphonies are by Peter Maag. He manages to give Mozart some rhythmic drive, tension, and gravitas--not just more glossy schlagobers.

P.S. You are wrong about Beethoven. (He admired Handel most of all.)
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