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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
I bought a stringer because my local string punks decided they knew better than I did.

I asked for 38 lbs on my Prince Boron (like a POG OS). Racquet tune measured 60. and I wanted 35 on my POG mid - RT measured 50. The 2 jobs cost me $78 in total ( Babolat RPM Team 17)

I just said screw it and got my own stringer - a Klippermate. Not worth fighting with the shop

I used to be a customer of a stringer who does stringing only.
He is a retired tennis player and all he does is stringing.
He was the most consistent stringer I have met and only charged $15-20.
I used to string it by myself but just can't beat a retired guy who does
stringing only.

Now that I relocated due to my day job, I'm in a process of finding a good
local stringer. Even the shop with USRA certifications, sometimes, does
a sloppy job, which is understandable. I just can not find one as good as
my old stringer, ha ha ha.
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