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Originally Posted by Kalin View Post
Wow, guys, don't give yourselves heart attacks now.....

Azarenka deserves respect for showing up and playing all the way to defending her title an No. 1ranking, questionable MTO or not. Blame the tour for making the rules so easily taken advantage of.

Compare this to the multitude of whining, self-loathing headcases that comprise the WTA with Masha being the banner-carrier.

There should be more players like Azarenka on the WTA and then people might start viewing it as a legitimate sports tour rather than the soap-opera it usually is.
WTA is already a soap opera. They should only televise it on Lifetime. It ain't a sport anyway.

And more Azarenkas. Then only watch it with the sound muted.

And, if you are having trouble breathing, how is it that you screech at the top of your lungs with every stroke.

Azarenka, the CHEATER, deserves all the blame. Well, leave some for Stacy Allaster too.

And the tour should be blamed for the players who abuse the rules.! ? !

No, it's the CHEATER's FAULT!

That means Azarenka, in case you weren't sure!
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