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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post

I haven't done the probabilities math myself, but I believe the stat is that if you are evenly matched with your opponent such that on every and any point there is a 50% chance of either player winning the point, then there is a 2% chance of the set ending up 6-0.
Yes that is how I should have worded it....much clearer.

What the scoring system further does is, if one can merely win 20% more points than the opponent ( I.e. have a 70% chance of winning a point versus 50% chance) the odds of an apparently lopsided 6-0 victory increases drastically ( to 53% from 2%) and all but assures (99.98% chance) that the set will be won.

But, in the words of Lloyd Christmas....."So, you're telling me there's a chance! Yeah!"

That's one for movie buffs......

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