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Well of course the acceleration is greatest short before contact. however that doesn't mean players first swing slowly and then accelerate gradually.

the reason for the late and steep incline of the velocity curve is that the final stages of the kinematic chain fire quite late in the swing. and just like a whip because those links are the lightest in the chain they also create the most speed.

earlier in the swing you accelerate just as hard, however at this point the slower and bigger (but stronger) parts of the body are doing the job. in that phase not much speed is generated but a lot of the energy needed for the final parts of the chain.
I basically agree with this. In a Fed, or Djoker, or Nadal forehand the first part of the forward swing is very linear. That is the position of the racquet (because it stays to the right side of the body) creates a very direct line to the ball....The racquet is of course accelerating, in this linear buttcap to ball pulling action. BUT, the bulk of acceleration occurs as the arm starts to rotate to create angular speed....So the equation for these guys is to pull the racquet in a linear fashion and then rotate the racquet around the hand...This transition is where the racquet really begins to pick up speed.
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