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I can't stand when people bring out the percentage of points won at net, for a player like Novak, and use it as evidence that he is a great, or even good volleyer. I've heard Federer, Sampras and Agassi all say it at different times: the putaway volley, off, for example, a full stretch slice by opponent from metres behind the baseline, isn't really a volley. Most of Novak's volleys in the final were not incredible stabs, or deft touches. The hard work was done with his approach shot, and the volley could've been handled by a club player.
The stats from the final, for me, show only that Novak approached more wisely, and Andy doesn't pass as well as Djokovic. We all know Murray has much better hands and volleying instinct than Nole. Its a fact. That incredible backhand half volley drop shot in the match only served to put it even further beyond doubt
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