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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
Federer has only ever won ONE AO title by getting through a top 4 opponent. Oh and relax guys, it wasn't Novak or Rafa that he beat, it was only JC Ferrero.

I find it funny that people **** on Andre for his weak 2001 and 2003 draws but never mention Fed's easy runs, esp 2006.
Federer beat Murray in 2010 who was ranked 4th at the time. Don't get me going on the "seeded lower so ranked lower!" thing again. He was ranked 4th at the time.

I guess had he played Soderling who was seeded 4th (but ranked 5th) it would be a tougher match, anyway, LOL.
Just shows you how pointless H2H's are. Nadal beat Fed but in the end it meant jack, they both walked away with nothing. It's about winning titles.
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