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Originally Posted by MTF07 View Post
We should differentiate between the two surfaces. Agassi and Fed were the best on rebound ace. Djokovic has owned Plexicushion.

And yes, while Djokovic may have the more dominant run (of course and insane level Safin that would have beaten any version of Djokovic prevented Federer from 4 peating in Australia), Federer has been in 5 finals and 10 straight semis. His consistency cannot be overlooked. Novak will likely end up with more titles, but right now to say he's easily the best.... well that's just BS.
Ah yes, lets not forget Mystic Safin. He played the highest possible level of tennis in the history of the sport because that is the only possible way Roger could lose.

No version of any player could ever had a chance against Safin in that semi and this is evidenced by the fact that he beat peak Roger.

Back to reality, 2011 Novak would've beat him in 4 sets.
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