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Originally Posted by The_Order View Post
I find it funny that people **** on Andre for his weak 2001 and 2003 draws but never mention Fed's easy runs, esp 2006.
It's a tad deceptive though because the draws are much tougher than the ranking of the players would indicate. 2004 was a very daunting draw. Prime Ferrero, prime Hewitt (albeit recovering from a bit of a low), Nalbandian, and then Safin, who made 3 finals down under, winning one. And he mowed through them all.

2006 was pretty soft I'll grant you, but 2007 featured a resurgent Roddick who got shellacked by Fed, and an on-fire Gonzo who destroyed Nadal and disemboweled Haas, and then played quite well in the final.

In 2010 he beat Davydenko, who was playing the best tennis of his life by far, and was seen as a legitimate contender, Tsonga who is a perennial top 8 player, and Murray, who was ranked 5 but lets be honest, he was a top 4 player at the time and would surpass Soderling in the rankings shortly thereafter.

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