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Originally Posted by RF20Lennon View Post
No he wouldve won 2011. Rebound Ace is slow and low. It allowed fed to take side steps and hit a huge forehand on and off whenever he wanted. Plus that surface took slices wonderfully so it was right into fed's repertoire. Djokovic would really have to bend down to pick up those slices and it would be a sitter for fed. Nadal's topspin would not have kicked up as high allowed fed to be more offensive
How is this possible? The reason plexicushion is slower is because of the high bounce, allowing players more time to retrieve balls.

If a ball is bouncing low, players have less time to get them back, s I can't understand how slow and low is possible by way of physics. Unless you think rebound ace absorbed the energy of the balls as they bounced, but for that to be true it would need to be a very sticky surface.
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