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Originally Posted by axel89 View Post
just get out please nobody cares this isn't a murray hate thread for god sake Murray played pretty well he had a pretty bad blister than your god sampras would be dead
Murray didn't play particularly well. No one is hating on Murray.. But he doesn't deserve a round of applause either.

His peak level was supposed to carry over from the USO.. Yet his showing was worse this year then it was last year in Australia

And whats he got blisters for? he had a JOKE draw up until the semis.. It was the easiest draw any top player could ever ask for. If there was a time to take Nole it was this year. Murray should have had a ton in the tank to be able to go for hours.

Was I expecting Murray to win? No.. But I also expect him to actually put up a fight too. I thought he is passed the baby whiner, mug head case stage of his career. Guess not

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