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Originally Posted by racertempo View Post
Probably the reason he posted a reply like that was because that same person started a thread stating that he has demoed 100 frames and they ARE ALL THE SAME. So this guy is looking for bites posting like he did in this thread. Based on what he has already stated it does not matter how the 99s plays, this guy will say it is no different.
Than you racer. at least Someone is reading and comprehending not just jumping to conclusions. I could care less in he's a beginner or an ATP player if all racquets the same then buy the cheapest, right ??

This is the same as the guy giving string type and tension advise and stating that he's looking for a string to last at least 8-12 months. I make this statement because its important to weed out the information that's not useful if we are to keep this forum somewhat useful and legit.
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