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Originally Posted by doctor dennis View Post
I also came from an APD GT. The extra spin is definitely noticeable and a welcome arsenal to my already topspin orientated game.
For me its a winner but for others it won't do anything to there game. Luckily there's a racket out there for everyone.
Personally I think it's great for my game. I used the 99S today for the second time and the spin is just incredible; I'm hitting Nadal like spin from all areas of the court including my serve and my forehand cross court is like Chinese water torture. The angle I can create going cross court with my forehand is devastating.

The only downside is tension loss. I strung the 99S with a full bed of Luxilon ALU power at 59/60 and using the racquet for the 2nd time, the strings were moving all over the place where I had to constantly reposition my strings.
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