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Originally Posted by dje31 View Post
Cross-posted from General Pro Player's forum, but just as valid here for the sake of argument:

So, a sponsor's dream final: #1 Djokovic against #3 Murray, the former "using" (or at least endorsing the PJ of) the brand new Graphene Speed Pro, against the latter's "IG Radical Pro."

Even on TW's home page, it has a graphic of Head-to-Head (I get it), showing both, along with their endorsed frames.


1. These guys are top 3 players;

2. Both endorsing the same brand;

3. #1 is pushing a new stick.

Who thinks (besides me) that, behind the scenes, agents / brand reps / coaches / whomever are "suggesting" that #1 with his brand new stick take the title? Don't worry, next year, when they re-do the Radical / Prestige lines with Graphene, then it'll be Murray's turn, should the situation arise.

Also consider:

1. Still flagging global economy;

2. Lots of commitments by mail order, internet, and B&M retailers to bring in brand new product with brand new tech;

3. Gotta churn product.

They'd almost have to, especially after Shriekapova going out 2 & 2 in the semis with her "brand new Instinct."

I mean, we, who obsess about such things and frequent boards such as these, know that in most exos, if it's 2 out of 3, they split the first two, and play for real in the third, to make it interesting for the crowd. They know how to make it look good, without making it look obvious that they're tanking. Especially with two pushers.

It's been the norm in boxing forever...why would it be weird if Murray were "coaxed" or "persuaded" into "taking a dive," esp. if he were promised recompense in the future?

I'm not naive, nor am I faulting anyone involved in this potential charade. Business is business, and marketing is marketing, be it tennis, widgets, guns, or butter. Lots of $, jobs, and reputation on the line, all throughout the food chain.

I just can't help but look at so much of it with a jaundiced view. Would that I could take it in with the wonder of unspoiled youth and enthusiasm.

Plus they're all on the juice anyway...
Your last line just made the rest of your ckmment worthless...
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