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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
Murray didn't play particularly well. No one is hating on Murray.. But he doesn't deserve a round of applause either.

His peak level was supposed to carry over from the USO.. Yet his showing was worse this year then it was last year in Australia

And whats he got blisters for? he had a JOKE draw up until the semis.. It was the easiest draw any top player could ever ask for. If there was a time to take Nole it was this year. Murray should have had a ton in the tank to be able to go for hours.

Was I expecting Murray to win? No.. But I also expect him to actually put up a fight too. I thought he is passed the baby whiner, mug head case stage of his career. Guess not
Again, did you even read the original post, or just the title? It looks like you're in your own world, because while you intended to respond to it, you instead ended up talking about something completely different.

Originally Posted by TheMusicLover View Post
- for showing genuine gentleman-like sportsmanship?

During the final at the AO, 2nd set TB, he kept his trap shut and *played on*, despite there being something bothering him. It was not until that set had ended (and which he lost, btw), that he called for the trainer and had a MTO.
That huge blister on his foot looked really nasty indeed, and I'd say it was genuinely bothering him. But unlike so many other players nowadays, Murray waited for the set/TB to be finished before calling the trainer. Like it should be.

Kudos to Murray for his gentleman-like behaviour.

Kudos to Djokovic as well btw - I have heavily critized his "shirt-ripping"-gesture after his victory against Wawrinka, but fortunately he left it back in the locker room this time. His reaction after that final was indeed classy.

A refreshing sight, I believe. May others follow their examples in big tournaments to come.
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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post

He disappeared back into mug-headcase mode the final two sets.

Hmm. Something doesn't fit.

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