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I got a pair today. Very comfy, but having worn them around the house I am gonna be concerned with foot stability - the upper is very soft. Tomorrow I have 3 sets so I'll have a better idea then.

As for the sole, I'm sure they will burn through in 2.5 months like every other manufacturer. I kinda view the outsole warranty as 2 fresh shoes in 6 months rather than one crappy pair that wears down in less time. The 1 year thing is kinda a gimmick I think, plus I also heard you are only allowed one claim in that period for any NB tennis shoe. I hope that's not true.

Anyhoo, they look sharp and I'm sure they'll do the trick. I'm skeptical that they will join the T-22, Barricade 5, Asics Reso 3's, and Nike 2.3's category as the best shoes of recent memory, but hopefully they will surprise me.
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