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Cool Positives for Murray from AO 2013

Though Murray lost the final the following are the positives.
1. Murray can beat Federer in grand slam. I wish he did it in 3 sets as he looked good to do it. He got nervous in tiebreaks which he faithfully agreed. This win will increase his confidence as only Fed will be Murray's worth a challenger in Wimbledon. Murray has a great chance in Wimbledon.

2. Murray won the first set in the final. And was a better player in 2nd set. Had he won the tiebreak in 2nd set it would have been a 5 setter. Still the result would remain the same. Hence this match was close to playing a 5 setter.

3. Murray's serve and FH helped him against both Fed and Djko. In the past his serve has let him down against big 3. Also his FH was matching to Djoker and also was better than Fed. Which is a great improvement when you consider his already existing retrieving skills.

Murray is definitely showing some improvement but very gradual which is how improvement should be. The point is there is no suspison in his raise in level.
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