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Originally Posted by THESEXPISTOL View Post
USOpen 2008 if i remember correctly...


Overdrive, forgetting about the travel expenses you'd have, would you travel the world and stay in a hotel room stringing racquets almost everyday, away from your family and friends, away from your home, for only 3333$? I don't know where are you from, but i know for instance in europe that's not a lot of money. I know guys that earn that with a racquet/stringing shop at their city, and it's not a big city...
I'm not surprised that's not alot of money according to you as the Euro (EU) is imploding at the moment.

Well my city has been picked as #10 least expensive city in the USA.
Here's a link for proof:

My area is #50 on Forbes as well:

So how much does the average guy earn from a racquet/stringing store?
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