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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal might have held the number one position longer but I respect Novak Djokovic more for a number of reasons. First, Novak is not from a western nation he's from Serbia yet he brokethrough and showed the world someone from Eastern Europe can be a great champion. Yes, Ivan Lendl was also a great champion too but he's about as exciting as dry toast.

When Novak ripped off his shirt after beating Stanislas Wawrinka and I saw his incredible chest and his six abs I screamed

Novak has sex appeal and he's isn't afraid of showing off his hot body either.

Novak has charisma and that's something Roger and Rafael don't have they are extremely boring and they follow the script.

Novak wears his heart on his sleeve he doesn't hide how he's feeling he's very outspoken and he speaks his mind. Novak also challenges Federer and Nadal in the press and I like this about him he's not afraid to give his point of view.

He's also a lot of fun he understands being a tennis player means you are an entertainer not some robot like Roger Federer.

OK, let's start with the points I disagree with: Nadal does have charisma and much more sex appeal than Novak (better looking, sexier in general). Sorry but I can't imagine Novak making a steamy video with a sex bomb (other than as a parody, joke). So "oomph" factor goes to Rafa for sure.
Points I agree with: Novak is also charismatic (emotional), fun, articulate, seems to enjoy competing, claps for his opponents, takes defeats well and has been able to challenge both Fed and Rafa on their best surface which I think is a monumental achievement. Oh and yes Fed was a dull #1 just like Lendl used to be (or Sampras), personality-wise.
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