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Originally Posted by AtTheNet View Post
I need to check into this. On the USTA website, it appears that you can only appeal a self-rating upward, which is not what I want. When I joined the USTA last year after a 30-year hiatus from tennis, the lowest self-rating I could take was 3.5, since I played at the high school lever. Reading the rating descriptions, I thought "Hey, how much difference can there be in one-half point?", so self-rated at 4.0. Apparently, quite a bit. After playing in a 4.0 ladder last fall, I don't think I belong there yet. Maybe in another year.
You can only appeal a self rating upwards ONLINE

To appeal is downwards you have to fill out a form with more detailed explanation and it gets reviewed by some committee... and I cant remember if i emailed it or faxed it somewhere .. it's been a while but I did it successfully ... see above for datails
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