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Originally Posted by 90's Clay View Post
I cant see many positives from it at all.

1. He had a WEAK draw up until the semis so he should have had a TON in the tank for the semis and finals

2. He went back to his whining, little hissy fit ways and all that did was give Nole free points and the momentum

3. Didn't show any fight the final two sets and Nole didn't particularly look like his 2011 2.0 level here so Murray should have had a little better showing

4. And if he was a bit gassed for the finals, he shouldn't have blown those TB's vs. Roger.

5. His 2nd serve is still god awful

6. His showing was worse here IMO then it was last year where he took Nole right to the very end. After such a good showing at the USO, I was surprised his level regressed here so much.
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