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Originally Posted by tennisnut09 View Post
I've said this before. This is the smartest way to get people spending more money on strings. The racket may be great if you have fresh string on it. The string life would be cut in half when you have it on this racket.
The thing about poly is most people keep it in their racquets way too long and then they wonder why they aren't getting any power, balls are flying, and their elbows and shoulders are killing them. At least with the Steam 99S the strings will break and you will avoid a trip to the doctor.

I look at it this way. I would play 2-3 times with poly or a poly hybrid and after that the strings would go dead and I would cut them out and restring. Now the strings break at about the same time my previous string jobs would go dead. Seems like a reasonable trade off to me for the additional spin.

The one potential downside is that for hard hitters 4G seems to be the best string for this racquet based on tension maintenance and durability. One thing people might have an issue with is the cost of 4G when in standard racquets there are cheaper alternatives. As I said, hopefully there will be some companies coming out with string that will rival 4G at a more reasonable cost. But then again, people spend money on Alu power when there are better/cheaper alternatives out there.

Anyway, just one mans thoughts.
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