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If P1 service wasn't worth it to the people that use it they would be out of business.

If having your equipment professionally taken care of, modified, matched for tension/swing weight/weight etc helps you to win a match here and there it has already paid for itself.

Consider this .... at the Aussie open you get $27600 just for being in the first round. If you win and get to round 2 you get another 17900.

SO just by winning 1 match you gain almost half of P1's gold service cost.

And it goes up from there quickly. Win round 2 and you get another $25100. Win round 3 and get another $54000.

For the recreational player (and lets face it we are almost all recreational players ... I dont care if you're a 5.5) P1 is not for you. For a top pro ... it's a no brainer.
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