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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Lets say Nadal doesnt even return to tennis (and I am a huge Nadal fan, but lets be realistic, his future is a HUGE question mark right now), Djokovic would be the heavy favorite for the French Open for the next 3-4 years atleast, until the next big thing on clay arrives which is nowhere near on the horizon now. It sure as heck aint going to be Raonic or Tomic. Even if Nadal returns he probably isnt going to win Roland Garros the next 4-5 years in a row, and lets say Nadal wins only another 2 titles there (seems a generous estimate at this point), that would probably leave another 2 for Novak. Who else is going to win them. Federer in his 30s winning another French, LOL. Murray winning a French, very unlikely. Del Potro ever winning a French, very unlikely. Djokovic has been by an enormous margin the 2nd best clay courter of the past 2 years, despite the big upset in the 2011 RG semis, and there is no reason to see that changing anytime soon (well other than rising to the best if Nadal doesnt return or falls off any).

I will say it bluntly, I will be very surprised if Djokovic doesnt win atleast 2 French Opens and establish himself the 2nd best clay courter of his era. You can quote me on that.
Why can't Murray win a FO? His movement is good enough on the surface and he has the patience. Nadal is maybe only a year older but has the mileage of 35 year old Agassi since 2011. Remember Nadal has won at least a major for 8 years in a row. Compare that to Djokovic with 3. Murray has a good chance against Rafa next time they play each other on clay, not to mention Djokovic and yes even Federer. Nadal biggest weapon is his fh, but without his legs, that fh is redundant.
Djokovic2011 on Nadal at RG :"Peak Graf would've given him a good run for his money".
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