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Forgot to mention returns.

Forehand return much the same as Forehand groundstroke. Shorten the backswing make sure you come through all is good. Poke at it; kiss it goodbye.

Backhand is interesting. I hit my backhand returns with a bit of slice. This turns out to be a problem with the 99s. The thing slices so hard I can't keep it in the court half the time.

I'm going to try not crossing over tomorrow with my right foot and turn. Instead I'll shift up partially with my right foot and use my abs and a shorter stroke. I've never had to do this before on my returns unless I was returning against a giant server and even then it was more of a volley.

I think if I do this I'll lessen the setup time and won't feel like I need to slice cause I'm "late" on the return.

Still not sure about it.
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