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Default Azarenka's "smoking gun" !

Now that AO2013 is over..
and we all seem to have regained our calm & cool..
i just thought its time we set the record straight.

i'm talking about "smoking gun" in Azarenka saga!

Please watch the following short youtube video clip:

The video starts with Azarenka's usual loud screaming and ends with her usual loud screaming.

There is "NO" stoppage of her loud screaming at any point during the match.

At about 2:50 of the video, we hear the same loud screaming every point.
At about 3:40 of the video, we are only moments from Azarenka's MTO's.
We still hear the same loud screaming every point.

Now, moments later, the score changes to 6-1 5-4.
And suddenly Azarenka complains of extreme breathing difficulty and takes 2 MTO's.

Do you see the problem here???

It is medically impossible to go thru such extreme breathing difficulty and yet still be able to scream your lungs out every point!
Just not possible. No way!

She said her breathing difficulty was such extreme that she was scared that it might lead to "heart attack"!!!


There it is.
The "smoking gun" that Azarenka and her defenders can't deny.
The indisputable proof that Azarenka is a "liar" and a "cheat" !!!

. . . . .
"Are you scared? Because I said I would hit you?" - Serena Williams to a line judge during US Open 2009
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