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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
I don't understand what you're saying in the 1st paragraph. Are you sure you're talking about external shoulder rotation? Maybe you can word it differently.
Also this is addressed in the video on the site i told you about.
I will check the website and get back to you, I know it came out really confusing but it's just how I saw it in my head.

Btw, I think TheCheese answered a question I had on what determines a shot being straight armed or bent. This is what he said and how I responded (my response has to do with how you guessed I hit balls long. I don't do it often when I go for topspin, but sometimes when I flatten a shot out it takes off):

TheCheese - What is important is whether you are using pronation vs supination in the transition between the takeback and forward swing.

Me - TheCheese, that makes perfect sense actually. You saw on my video how much I was pronating on the take back, plus this is confirmed by pro slow mo videos, so thanks!

I was wondering before this if supination from bad timing and/ or bad technique was causing some of my seemed-to-be regular shots to hit the back fence once in a while. After watching the video (9 seconds in) it appears that it's just me getting too under the ball and swinging across my body, which seems to create an upwards swing path. Could supination still have a hand in this?
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