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Originally Posted by johndagolfer View Post
Question. What's the highest rank a #2 can end the year at. Jomby is off to an incredible start against some tough teams.

My early prediction is that he is going to surprise a lot of people by years end
That was a very impressive weekend for him winning both matches 6-0 6-1. Probably would be tougher to get much higher than he is now which is #15 since he won't face many opponents at #2 singles that have a better ranking. Only #2s in the SEC that are in the top 20 are Jonas Lutjen #5, Nathan Pasha #19, and Gonzales Austin #20. His win over Sebastian Fanselow back in September is what got his ranking as high as it is so a win over Lutjen would definitely help.

Mitchell Frank finished last year ranked #2 and he played at #3 singles for Virginia all year though he did tear it up in the fall beating 5 or 6 top 10 players and started the year ranked #1.
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